networking and friendship

Turn strangers into lifelong friends.  

ESA brings together individuals of all different backgrounds who have one thing in common: the interest and desire to make a difference. As members work together on community service projects in an atmosphere of mutual support and companionship, long-lasting and meaningful bonds are formed. It is through this strong personal network that you will find lifelong friends and a true support system that you can count on throughout your entire life. 

Membership in ESA provides a variety of fun, educational, and exciting social opportunities. Through parties, conventions, travel and cultural outings, you will have the chance to extend your ESA circle of friendships as you meet members from around the world.

Additionally, as membership in ESA is completely flexible, you can join as a member of a chapter, an individual member, or as a family. ESA embraces people of all ages and encourages them to enjoy taking an active role in programs, projects and fun.

Become your best self.
Change your life by helping others. Enjoy flexible participation, a well-rounded service program, and lifelong friendships.
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