leadership opportunities

Learn what it takes to be a leader.

Membership in ESA challenges you to expand your worldview and grow your personal and professional leadership abilities. Because each collegiate chapter is student-run, ample opportunities for leadership development exist. You can hold an office, organize chapter activities, chair events, and attend conferences and seminars.

Your growth is important to ESA, and that’s why we promise to support you every step of the way with the guidance, education, and assistance you need to ensure your chapter’s community service projects are successful. Advisors, councils, and ESA staff are always available to help, and the expansive network of ESA members serves as a valuable resource, as well as a community of true friends.

The leadership experience and the confidence you develop as a member of ESA will not only help you build your resume for your first job out of college, but also will carry you through a lifetime of personal and professional successes.

Build your resume and your life skills.
Receive an education beyond the classroom through social and community service opportunities that are fun, memorable, and impactful. Join today.