board of directors

Board of Directors

Annual Meeting
An Annual Meeting is held in July in conjunction with the International Convention of ESA International. An Open Board meeting is held annually to provide an opportunity for total participation by members. Click here for the 2018-19 Call for Nominations

The affairs of the ESA Foundation are supervised by four executive directors elected by the eight-member Board of Directors. These are chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and treasurer. Accounting, legal, and membership services are performed by professionals in these fields employed by the Foundation. The Board of Directors members are elected to serve a three-year term and serve without compensation.  A director may serve two consecutive three-year terms.
Chairman of the Board / ESAMC Liaison / Planned Giving Chairman
Rosalee Echele

Vice Chairman / Credentials
Judi York

Treasurer / Fund Development / Finance Chairman / Fantasy "Event" Chairman
Tammy Akines
Secretary / Co-Newsletter Editor / HIstory / Procedures Manual Chairman
Kim Mandrell

Co-Membership Newsletter Editor / State Counselor Newsletter Editor
Su McDonell

Parliamentarian  / ByLaw Chairman / Grants Chairman
Rosalie Griffith
Scholarship/Endowment Chairman
Kathy Loyd
State Counselors; Chair / Co-Sponsorship Chair
Beth Sherron

Overseas Director
 Marianne Steentsma