Enhancing literacy.

ESA for Literacy helps ESA members develop hands-on programs in their communities to create enthusiasm for reading and enhance the reading skills of children and adults. The program encourages various levels of participation and is designed to suit the interests of individual members and chapters.

The program provides a wide scope of options for helping both children and adults enhance their skills and joy for reading. Activities include reading to children in schools and libraries, volunteering to create “talking books,” supporting programs that put books in children’s hands, and developing shelves and other resources for schools and libraries.

Members have organized book drives, and developed programs to read to children or adults who are unable to read or who want the comfort of having someone read their favorite books aloud.

Where individuals have deeper interests in literacy and want to pursue advanced training, the ESA Foundation provides access to specialized “ADAPT” grants to attain professional specialized literacy training.

Find information regarding specific ESA for Literacy programs in the National Service Projects section of the member center. Log in here.

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