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ESA is a co-ed leadership and service organization that gives you the opportunity to find and nurture your passions – in a fun, friendly, and relaxed environment. Your membership in ESA helps you grow as a person and develop your resume, while empowering you to make a difference in your community and world through student volunteer opportunities. What’s more, ESA is fun. It gives you the chance to make lifelong friends and create lasting memories.

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Support National Events  St. Jude Walk/Run
Feed Our Neighbors  Shelter Volunteering
Make Memories Chapter Socials
Join Worldwide Causes  Habitat for Humanity
Beat Childhood Cancer  St. Jude Rally
Brighten the World  Community Improvement Projects

In Our Own Words...

Zach R. Member
“Being a member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha is easily one of my most rewarding college experiences. Not only am I able to easily volunteer my time to give back to the surrounding community and to my university, I’ve made tons of close friends along the way. ESA meetings and events are always looked forward to because it’s relaxed and fun, plus there is the feel-goodiness that comes with doing service. By far, joining ESA is one of the best decisions I’ve made during college!”
Bev E. Member
“ESA has honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve made during college. Not only have I met my lifelong friends but I found my love for service, so grateful to be doing what I love with people I love!”
Sydney M. Graduate
“When deciding how to decorate my cap, I thought of everything that meant the world to me during my college experience…my major, the clubs I was in, the people I had met. I had kind of a rough start at school, then for me everything changed when I found the sanctuary that is Epsilon Sigma Alpha; I had finally found my calling! Doing service with my chapter was my favorite time at my university.”
Amy H. Parent
“Of all the things my son has done, I think founding the ESA chapter at his university is what I am most proud of. It has brought so much into his life and changed the lives of so many others, including my mother and I. After he told us about ESA, I joined a community chapter and my mom joined ESA the following year. In ESA we have gained another family, enriched our lives in too many ways to count, and learned the love of giving. Thank you to my awesome son!”