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ESA members and chapters provide more than 850,000 hours of hands-on service within their local communities each year. Warm Welcome and Hats for Hope programs are two hands-on projects that have earned national and international popularity. Originally created by members who identified specific needs within their communities, these programs have grown and been adapted for use by numerous members and chapters throughout ESA.

Hats for Hope

Noting that many homeless people need not only coats and gloves, but also hats to retain their body heat, the Hats for Hope program was born. Hats became an easy, symbolic article of clothing to represent ESA’s idea to gather clothing and create resources for homeless individuals and families across the country.

Members are encouraged to make and/or gather hats and other clothing in the fall for distribution to those in need. Basically, the program is designed to demonstrate that “people-to-people” projects can create significant resources within their communities to meet the basic needs of vulnerable people, especially families with children.

The program now includes collaborating with other social service agencies and organizations to meet the basic needs of homeless families. ESA also has added local and national “virtual” food drive activities to the program through local food banks. Members and chapters develop resources and are encouraged to enhance awareness about the needs of their local homeless population.

Information on Hats for Hope, including instructions for making hats, can be found in the ESA Member Center.
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