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The ESA Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of continuing education and to altruistic activities that make a positive difference in the world community. Voluntary contributions of time and money from ESA members, ESA Foundation members, and friends of the Foundation are the ESA Foundation’s sole sources of support. As a nonprofit, tax exempt corporation, the ESA Foundation supports the service and leadership programs and the philanthropic projects of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International. 


As life-long learners and educators, we know the importance of continuing education. We believe that the ESA Foundation's Scholarship Program epitomizes that importance and that together we can be of service to others -  now and in the future.

-Bob and Jan Jones, Planned Givers






An archive of past newsletters is available here. The ESA Foundation annual Audit Report is available for perusal by visitors to the ESA Foundation website. You may also read the Chairman's State of the Foundation 2017-2018 Report. The Bylaws and Standing Rules are also available. Want to join our board of directors? An Open Board meeting is held annually in July to provide an opportunity for total participation by members. Click here for the 2019-20 Call for Nominations

Thank you to the ESA Foundation for making dreams possible.

-Kelsy Weber, Scholarship winner







The ESA Foundation is a public foundation for anyone who shares our goals. The membership fee is $25 with $15 annual dues thereafter. You may also opt to support ESA's Career Enhancement Grant through a $500 one time Life Active membership. All dues are tax deductible. In order to vote at the annual meeting the active member must have their annual dues before March 1. Become a member.


All contributions made directly to the ESA Foundation are tax deductible as “Gifts to Charity” due to our 501 c 3 charitable status under the Internal Revenue Code. You may either print out a contribution form from this site or call ESA Headquarters to contribute with your credit card. Contributions may be designated or undesignated. Undesignated gifts become a part of the general fund. Designated contributions are used for the purpose designed by the donor.



Join Us in Making an Investment in the Future.