Job Search

Job Search Tips

Sorting through classified ads and online job postings can be time-consuming and do not produce many results. However, networking with people you know and using the web can help you in your job search. Here are some tips to help you locate available positions.

- Network with peers. Let friends, family, chapter members and other acquaintances know you are looking for employment. Many times, work can be found simply by word-of-mouth. Make a list of people to talk to about finding employment.

- Use social networking online to spread the word about what kind of position you are seeking. Use your Facebook page and create a LinkedIn account. Don't foget to connect with ESA!

- Many university career sites offer information that is accessible to the public online. Run a search on the career site of your local university.

- Consider enrolling in a professional organization in your field. Professional affiliations offer great opportunity for networking. In addition, many professional organizations host job fairs and meet-and-greets specifically to network employment.

- Visit your local chamber of commerce and better business bureau. They often hear of available employment and can offer information about reputable businesses in your area.

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