4 Perks of Staying with ESA After College

ESA doesn’t need to end after you finish your strut across the stage at graduation. Our organization is unique—we don’t have passive “alumni chapters”. Instead, we have awesome community chapters that are active in service, social, and personal enrichment activities.

girls.jpg“I never knew when I joined ESA on my campus at the age of 19 that I would live my entire adult life in the warm support system of ESA friendship. Graduation for me wasn’t the end of my ESA experience, it was the beginning of my NEXT ESA experience. I’ve traveled, have ESA ‘family’ in nearly every state, became a better professional, and am now even privileged to lead our International Council, all from choosing to stay with ESA after graduation. It’s made all the difference for me.” -Kim, KS
  1. Instant family in a new place
Adulting in a new place without your colligate ESA family can be scary. Joining a community chapter can make this transition a whole lot easier. You’ll have someone to grab coffee with and teach you about all the best restaurants in town. (They may even help you unpack your 500 boxes to unpack.)

“After graduating from Ball State University/Phi Alpha (Indiana) and moving to Houston, TX for work, I wanted to find an ESA chapter. I knew no one and joining the Delta Psi chapter helped me get acquainted with the city. They are an amazing group of young professionals who welcomed me with open arms, and I love my new ESA family.” – Lena, TX

  1. Continue to give back to your community
Guess what?! You can still give your time for community service without feeling overwhelmed. Key phrase here: YOUR time. Community chapter schedules are much lighter than your college chapters. You can still help your ESA favorites; St. Jude, Hope for Heroes, EasterSeals.
  1. Everyone loves a good résumé
Community ESA is perfect to show your new/future employer the volunteer work that you have done and continue to do! Many businesses and organizations are placing increasing emphasis on community involvement by their employees. Staying in ESA, allows you to helping others while still growing as an individual.

We have résumé credentials worded just right at: https://epsilonsigmaalpha.org/grad.
  1. Continue to make memories with ESA!
Still want to participate in events that help raise money for St. Jude? Still want to laugh with the people who share the same passion as you? Still want to make memories while doing all these things? Well, you’re in luck. ESA community chapters are still here for you to continue making your ESA memories. Remember, just because you toss up your graduation cap does not mean that your ESA story has to come to an end.

Transition to a community chapter to meet your NEXT set of awesome ESA “forever friends” and continue your ESA story: https://epsilonsigmaalpha.org/aftercollege

"ESA has allowed me to support St. Jude in my community through mystery dinners and various walks and a-thons (like math-a-thons) as well as the Walk to end Childhood Cancer.  I have also enjoyed doing the Memphis Marathon weekend with my bestie (from ESA) for 13 years.  ESA has given me so many opportunities to help St. Jude and others in my community
💙" –Jenn, IN 

  Written by Audrey Potter
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