ESA Foundation Scholarship Winner Spotlight: Kelsy Weber

Kelsy Weber, multi-year ESA Foundation scholarship winner, does the unexpected with a brave heart. The Oregon State University senior spent her summer fighting fires for the Oregon Bureau of Land Management out of Burn’s Junction, OR. She spent 85 days living with the other members of her engine and traveling at a moments notice to the site of a fire during a particularly hot dry summer.

“This allowed me to learn the value of working together to achieve a goal” wrote Kelsy.

Her brave and kind heart doesn’t end with fighting fires. Kelsy is pursuing both Spanish and Math at Oregon State University and ultimately she plans to become a bilingual math teacher a goal that requires not just an undergraduate degree, but a master’s as well.

Her education is not a small investment and Kelsy was understandably uneasy about her chances of ever making her dreams come true before she found the ESA Foundation Scholarship program. Three years later, having earn various ESA Foundation scholarships that have allowed her to pursue higher education she looks with hope and excitement toward her graduation and pursuit of a Master in education.

“As I continue my educational journey, The E.S.A. Foundation holds a special place in my heart for supporting my path toward graduation at Oregon State University. Thank you for your generosity, time and effort to support students like myself who may not have the opportunity to attend college without your kindness.”

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