Getting ready for the holidays.

Hello Everyone:

If you're reading this, you're probably also in the midst of making cookies or doing some other wonderful thing to celebrate the holiday season. Perhaps you're taking a few minutes away from a gift wrapping booth, or on a rest stop from delivering food basket, or checking in on the latest ideas for filling boxes that go to our troops overseas.

In any case, I know you're time is involved with not only your family but with others whom you touch with your good works during this time of celebration. As always, you're among those who brighten the landscape for those in need, and for those who are lonely or needing comfort during the holidays. You're the ones who put the glitter and glow in the season, and you're the ones who can always be counted upon to be joyful givers.

During this special time, I celebrate YOU! As you touch lives, one person or one family at a time, you make the caring difference that puts hope back in our ever-changing, always challenging world. Thanks be to you for caring enough to make that difference time after time, year after year.

I often think that some of you overlook the special difference that YOU personally make during this season and throughout the year. Somehow, you think that you just do what you have to do, something here and there. While what you do often takes hours and involves family treasure as well, you downplay the importance of your actions, thinking that helping is just something you do, often thinking that everyone else does the same.

What you forget is how many people get lost in the hurly burly of the times, how many people "mean" to do something to help, how many people wish they had the time to spare. What makes YOU different is that you act, you DO and you make time from your schedule, which is also packed, to share time with the lonely, send a card to brighten someone's day, pack a box that will surprise and delight a soldier in a far away land. You help where and when it matters!

Again, I congratulate you for being the kind of person that others wish they could be, the ones who care enough to do something about their caring. You are unique. You are a treasure. You are a special star in this sky of this season of sharing.

Thank you for sharing your gifts through ESA and for extending our ideal of making a positive difference for others around the world. You continue to make this season blessed with your good works and kind hearts.

I wish you and your family joyful and peace filled holiday season. What you accomplish each day truly is what this season is all about.

Happy Holidays!
B.J. Clark

B.J. Clark
Executive Director

PS: Be on the lookout for other ideas for recruiting new members in the newsletters, and website ideas that will appear here throughout the month of October!


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