ESA is Gold Level National Sponsor for St. Jude

This is a big year for the ESA and St. Jude partnership. Not only are we striving to surpass $200,000,000 in donations to the hospital, but we excited to be a Gold Level national sponsor of the event, having committed to raise $100,000 for the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer in September. This is a wonderful opportunity for ESA members to show and share our love for the kids of St. Jude – not only through our hundreds of hours volunteering for this event and many others, but also through our fundraising efforts. “Please help us show love for St. Jude by participating in the St. Jude Walk and fundraising with ESA for this awesome event while ushering ESA into a new era in our partnership with St. Jude. Whether you are already a member, a friend/supporter of ESA’s other projects for St. Jude, or someone who is just meeting ESA for the first time on our website and may be moved to do something for the kids, we hope you’ll join our team, make a donation, and do your part to help end childhood cancer with ESA.” – Charlotte Carloni, ESA Executive Director
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