7 Random Acts of Kindness That Won't Cost You


Showing kindness doesn't have to be grand or expensive. You don't need to plan it out and the best part is anyone can do it! In honor of World Kindness Day here are seven things you can do to show kindness that won't take much time and won't cost you extra money.

  1. Send an encouraging text to a friend. A message saying 'Hello, how are you?" can go a long way. Especially if you have unintentionally lost touch.
  2. Pay a stranger a genuine compliment. You think about how much you like the sneakers the person in front of you has in the coffee line or you notice the sweatshirt the cashier at the grocery store is wearing. Say something!
  3. If you pay for more time to park than you use pass it on to someone else in the parking lot. Take a moment to notice how much time is left on your parking pass. If you have something left over look around. Is there anyone who just parked? Approach them before they get to the pay station.
  4. Sit down and write a letter to a friend who lives far away. Everyone loves to get mail. In a digital world there is something really beautiful and personal about writing a letter in your own handwriting.
  5. Recycle. This takes a couple of seconds and over time makes a much larger investment in the future.
  6. Leave a positive sticky note on someone's car. Don't feel comfortable approaching a stranger? That's okay leave a note on a car with a few kind words.
  7. Take care of yourself. It can be easy to give to others and forget about being kind to ourselves. Try looking in the mirror and listing 10 of your best qualities.
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