Easy Ways to Help Veterans in Your Community

This Memorial Day, take some time to thank and help the Veterans in your community. The following are a couple of easy, no-planning-required ways that you can make an impact on a Veteran’s life.

Send a Care Package and/or a Letter. Show your gratitude for deployed troops and veterans by sending them handwritten notes or care packages. Operation Gratitude is a program that sends these packages to all branches of the military. Visit their website for more information on what items they are in need of and how you can get involved.

Share their Stories. Help a Veteran get their voice heard by submitting their story to the Library of Congress. By sharing their stories, it is ensured that future generations will be able to accurately learn about the realities of war. To submit a story, visit the Veterans History Project website.

Say Thank You. Simply telling a Veteran thank you for their service goes a long way. Shaking their hand and showing your gratitude can have such a huge impact on both them and you.

Donate or Volunteer at your local VA hospital. There are many ways to get involved at your local VA hospital. You can be a volunteer in the hospital and ensure the facility is in top shape or you could donate blankets, socks or anything you think would make their stay more enjoyable. Visit the VA website for more information on how you can help locally.

Help Loved Ones. Whether you know a family with a deployed service member or a Veteran, take some time to visit with them or maybe help them around the house. A yummy, simple way to thank them for their service would be to bring them a hot meal so they do not have to cook for that night. Little things like that can go a very long way.

For more information on how your ESA Chapter can get involved with one of our national service projects benefitting Veterans and active military personnel (Hope for Heroes) visit this link
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