5 Fun Ways to Serve in the Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about ways to get involved in service over these next couple of hot months. The following are just a few ways you could serve your community this summer.

Hold a car wash. Ask to rent out a local car wash or use some elbow grease and wash the cars by hand. Either way, provide the services free of charge but ask for donations and put the money you raise towards a charity.

Make go-to bags for the homeless. These bags contain things that most people would overlook but are necessary, especially in the summer. Some items may include deodorant, bottled water, insect repellant, baby wipes and hand sanitizer. Gather these items and/or others of your choosing, get your chapter together, make these simple bags and drop them off to the homeless around your community.

Donate food from your garden. Start a garden with your chapter (a great way to soak up some Vitamin D) or, propose this idea to individual members and have them donate food from their personal gardens to local food banks.

Help a charity-sponsored event. Almost every weekend, there is some sort of run/walk/5K that benefits a charity. Either take part in the running/walking or help run the event. These events rely on volunteers to make them run smoothly so reach out to a representative of the event or visit their website to see how you can help.

Make toys for your local animal shelter. Stay inside with air conditioning and make toys for animals at your local shelter to play with. Get your chapter together and make toys that the animals can play with while they wait to be adopted. For specific instructions on how to make the toys, visit this website.

Bringing service projects to your workplace is a great way to stand out as a leader this summer. ESA has a toolkit with a years worth of ideas, materials and instructions. Learn more about bringing an ESA project to your workplace.
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