Generations of ESA

Kaycee-Headley-giving-Madison-her-pin-(1).jpgA family who supports each other, stays together in ESA. "In our family, sposorship works both ways, older generations sponsoring younger as well as the other way around" said Kaycee Headley of Oregon. Who says the kids chan't become mentors? Pat Howerton has been a member of ESA for over 25 years and has slowly integrated ESA into the lives of the whole family! "I have to credit the legacy membership program for getting Kaycee and Madison involved in ESA" Pat said. While she could get her daughters involved in ESA, it was Madison who helped her grandfather be a part of the fun! "Sharing ESA with my family was amazing... Were all growing together in ESA."

Edith-Brown-and-family.jpgThe Headly Family is not the only family passing the values of ESA on. "It's the love and caring of ESA that kept me all these years and made me want to share it with my family" said Edith Brown. When she joined the appa Alpha chapter of ESA in Baltimore over 30 years ago, she didnt realize what a incredible impact it would have on her liife. She has been a dedicated member to Kappa Alpha throughout her time with the chapter. She even shared all the ESA has to offer wit her duaghter and granddaughter who now share in the experiences ESA affords them. It didnt take any convincing from Edith for her daughter Renee and granddaughter Taylor to be a part of the ESA family. Three generations of gorgeous ESA wome all working towards a better Baltimore continue their presence and dedication to ESA in the Kappa Alpha chapter. "We are proud our family is part of ESA's present and future."

Learn how to get your family involded in ESA!
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