A Passion For Service Through Generations

ESA members say that joining ESA is like finding their second family. For other members ESA is a family affair, sometimes passed down and sometimes even passed up through the generations. Some families belong to the same chapter and some belong states apart. No matter the location ESA has been an excellent vehicle for sharing a passion for service with those you love.

67-year member Bernice Elich from the Alpha Omega Chapter of Pueblo, CO enjoyed a special “Legacy” moment at ESA’s Leadership Conference in Denver. Her granddaughter Lauren Ryan, Beta Psi Chapter of Burlington, NC attended the conference as the incoming state president for North Carolina and brought her daughter, Bernice’s great-granddaughter, Bailey Rose along.

At the Friday night dinner event, IC First-Vice President/President Elect Kim Kummer conducted Bailey’s Elán membership ceremony with her great-grandmother looking on.  Members in attendance from across the country welcomed Bailey with love and enthusiasm and enjoyed sharing in this impressive 4th-generation ESA family celebration. Bernice pledged Lauren in 2012 and Lauren, in turn, pledged her mother Janice Monroe in 2013. 

“Elich is our maiden name and service through ESA is what we refer to as the Elich part of us. This is the kind of thing we love that we have in common. It’s a part of all of us.” Said Lauren.

It doesn’t always get passed down though, sometimes ESA is shared up through the generations. Alley Gary of Eta Pi, Fischers, IN, a former collegiate member, also couldn’t help but share ESA with her family. In the years since leaving college she pledged her mom and her grandmom.

“I pledged ESA in 2013 at Indiana State University. Since then, I pledged my mom in 2014, and now my mom pledged my grandmom in 2017. So excited that we now have 3 generations in our community chapter!” said Alley

A passion for service and friendship transcends generation. People of all ages want to give back. If you’re looking for a deeper way to connect with your family, include them through ESA service projects. Legacy members are even eligible for discounted dues. Learn more about legacy membership.
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