Make a Difference in 30 Minutes or Less

Does any of this sound like you? You’re trying to keep in touch with family and friends, keep up at work or school, get a little exercise, drink enough, water and sleep 8 hours and maintain your sunny disposition and wow it makes you a little bit tired just thinking about trying to add regular volunteering in to that mix. Yep. This is for you.

Micro volunteering is a new type of volunteer work made specifically for a world where everyone is short on time and “instant” and "on-demand" are the norm. These projects require no training, no commitment, they can be completed from anywhere, and take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Some require computers, but others do not. Seriously, all the complicated parts of volunteering, scheduling, and committing to a day or several hours are all irrelevant here. Here are four different ways you can start micro volunteering right NOW!
  • Put your professional skills to work - Skills For Change is the perfect opportunity for professionals who want to use their expertise outside their office whether you’re retired and want to share what you know or you are still pulling late nights at the office. Visit the site and select which causes really get your fired up and then which skills you’d like to use and Skills for Change will connect you with micro volunteer projects that you will enjoy and have time to complete.
  • Help without a computer – Participate in the #2minutebeachclean movement next time you are on a walk, at the beach, a park, or just around your neighborhood. Take two minutes to pick up any litter that you see and throw it away when you come to the next trash can. That's it. If you want to post on social media about your project to inspire others use #2minutebeachclean, or just keep the knowledge that you did something good to yourself.
  • Everything else – If none of that seems right for you like the Help From Home page on Facebook. Their Micro Missions will pop up in your feed giving you the widest selection of micro volunteer opportunities that never require you to take off your PJs. Anything from translating tweets to micro volunteering challenges and everything in between.
Have a little more time and want to bring a micro volunteering event to your area? Contact us to learn more about organizing micro volunteering opportunities to your gym, workplace, or local event.
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