Six Months to Marathon


That number looms ahead of me – six months ahead, to be exact. Six months from today I will be lacing up my sneakers, checking my watch, stressing over the weather (fingers crossed for no rain!), and making my way to the starting line.

Then, with one step, and then another, and then thousands and thousands more I will begin my 26.2 mile long journey to the finish line.

During the seven half marathons that I have completed, there always comes that point, usually around mile 12, where the half marathoners split off from the marathoners. The half marathoners are in their final stretch – just a little bit more. The marathoners aren’t even half way done. There are times when I have thought “you know, I could keep going”. There have been times when the thought of that 0.1 of the 13.1 might kill me. But alas, this year when the half marathoners fork left and the marathoners keep right, I’ll be keeping right.

This will be my fifth year flying to Memphis for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend. We in ESA know how special St. Jude is, and one of my greatest joys of training for and fundraising for this race is that I get to help spread awareness of St. Jude and the amazing work that is done there. So many people say they run this race for the sweet kiddos at St. Jude. They are fighting for their lives. I can’t do much, but I can run, and I can run for them. And run I will.

Over these next six months I will be posting regularly on this blog. In the coming months we will have a program that you as ESA members can participate in from wherever in this world you are. I hope you will follow along, and, if you can, I hope you will consider joining me in Memphis this December for any of the races. I promise the experience will change your life. Learn more and register here: St. Jude Mamphis Marathon
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