ESA Hearts St. Jude

Welcome to ESA Hearts St. Jude. This is a fun tradition allowing ESA collegiate chapters to enjoy some friendly rivalry in raising funds for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The campaign runs from April 1st through March 31st. We are thrilled to share the awesome new changes to the campaign this year! In addition to the great resources found below, we extended the campaign season and changed some of the rules so now more of your fundraising efforts qualify. Your chapter's fundraising page has been created, so it is your job to register under your chapter's page and encourage other members to as well. 

How to Participate:
          Step 1: Go to Click "Register" and then "Register and join and existing team". Make sure to select your collegiate chapter.

          Step 2: Encourage other chapter members to register for your team by creating their own 
                        ESA Hearts St. Jude teamraiser page underneathn the chapter page. 
          NOTE: To be eligible for individual prizes, collect donations on your individual teamraiser page.

          Step 3: Get creative on social media and host events to gather donations on your teamraiser page.

          Step 4: Report all CHECK donations on your chapter or individual teamraiser page.
                       Individual: See below for instructions on recording check and cash donations.
                       Chapter: Contact ESA HQ.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All Check must be made out to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and mailed to the following address:
ESA Attn: Mackeigan
363 West Drake Road
Suite 5
Fort Collins, CO, 80525

DO NOT HOLD DONATIONS! All donations must be submitted to your fundraising page or mailed to ESA HQ within one week of the event ending.

How do I register a chapter (team)? ↵
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How do I record checks, venmo, and cash? ↵
What prizes can I earn as a chapter or individual? ↵
What is ALSAC? ↵
What is St. Jude YOU? ↵
ESA's partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ↵
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Fundraising Tips ↵
Feburary live event Click here to download . As events change to an online format, remember: Your February live event has to be something that gathers members of the community but it does not need to be in person. 
St. Jude Children's
Research Hospital
Click here to download .
Use this presentation to bring your event to life and share interesting information about the hospital with your guest.
Social Media Kit Click here to download . Don't forget to check out St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on YouTube for heart warming videos that are sure to take your event over the top!
Checklist Calendar of Events Click here to download . This calendar is just a guide to get you started and help you keep track of some of the smaller details in this program.