Robert and Dixie Palmer

Robert and Dixie Palmer Recognition Program

The ESA Foundation Board of Directors has established the prestigious Robert and Dixie Palmer Recognition Program. This program is designed to honor individuals who are interested in assuring the progress of ESA through the ESA Foundation. It is appropriately named for Robert and Dixie Palmer, who served as an example for all persons to follow. Their sincerity, strength, wisdom, faithfulness, tolerance, and hard work served as a stabilizing factor for ESA.

Dixie was the cohesive ingredient that helped members and leaders bring the organization through some very challenging times, emphasizing the quality gained through those testing periods. These attributes are necessary to further develop ESA and to utilize the ESA Foundation in attaining these goals. Those earning recognition as a Robert and Dixie Palmer award recipient will have attained the lofty goal of following the example of Robert and Dixie by demonstrating through their support the ideals of ESA.

  • Beginning date – July 16, 1982. (Formerly limited to women and named the Dixie Palmer Lady Recognition, the Board of Directors voted to open this award for men as well as women in 2001 by making it the Robert and Dixie Palmer Recognition.)
  • Monetary gifts will apply toward a total of $1,000 donated in the name of an individual. These contributions will further the work of the ESA Foundation and be specified to count toward the Robert and Dixie Palmer Recognition Program.
  • At the time of the initial contribution, the individual to be recognized must be named. Should the individual be deceased at the time recognition is achieved, a representative may accept the presentation.
  • Amounts of $25 or more may be contributed at any one time. In the case of a memorial, any amount will be accepted.
  • Contributions may be made for the lifetime of the individual plus one year.
  • Presentation will be made at the annual meeting, beginning in 1983, unless otherwise requested by the donor.
  • An appropriate recognition award will be selected for both men and women that befits the significance of this high honor.
  • Contributions to the Robert and Dixie Palmer Recognition Program will be counted toward plateaus for total contributions.
  • Funds received will be used to develop and implement the programs of the ESA Foundation as authorized by the Board of Directors in accordance with the wishes of the membership.
  • Anyone can begin today to earn this recognition. Honor someone for their leadership and contributions to ESA, the ESA Foundation, and the world community by making a contribution in their name.

NOTE: Donations should be made to the ESA Foundation, noting the name of the person on the contribution form and sent to the ESA Foundation Headquarters.