life grant

ESA Foundation Career Enhancement Grant

(Please note,  this is not a scholarship or college related grant and will not apply to college tuition, college books or college debts of any kind.)

The Career Enhancement Grant is designed to help applicants attend workshops and seminars that help them increase their job ability or knowledge in  their current field of employment or assist them in starting a new job. 
This grant is not for college tuition, college books or college debt payments.
Application money request is for Registration fees and actual materials needed to attend and study for the event. Travel and hotel accommodation costs are not included in this grant request. Maximum amount for this grant is $2000.00
Applications must be sent to the Grants Chairman not ESA Headquarters or the Scholarship Chairman. 
The Funds for this Grant come directly from the Life Active Membership Fund. A % of the Life Active Account Partially restricted Funds is placed in the Spendable Grants Account. Those funds are available to give the grants. If the allotted monies are not all used each year they will accrue. When the account balance is gone, not more grants will be given until the next year’s funds are added.

Applicants may apply more than once but only one time in a twelve month period.

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