hear it from an ESA mom

In 2011, as a sophomore at the University of Florida, Jason Holloway sponsored the Delta Chi chapter on campus in Gainesville and served as its first president. “Of all the things my son has done, I think Jason founding the ESA chapter at UF is what I am most proud of. It has brought so much into his life and changed the lives of so many others, including my mother and I. After Jason told us about ESA, I joined a community chapter in 2012 and my mom just joined ESA in June of this year. In ESA we have gained another family, enriched our lives in too many ways to count, and learned the love of giving. Thank you, Jason!”
 -- Amy Holloway

Jason adds, “It was really special for all three of us to be together at the ESA IC Convention in Orlando (where this photo was taken), I’m really happy to be an ESA family.”