fund an endowment

Fund An Endowment

The ESA Foundation encourages the promotion of the establishment of endowments.  You may honor an individual or group who has made outstanding contributions to the ESA Foundation, to ESA International, to an ESA State Council, ESA Regional Council, or to the community.  This may be as a memorial or an honorarium endowment.

  • Download the ESA Foundation Irrevocable Endowment Agreement Form or request from the ESA Foundation Endowment Chairman.
  • Complete the Irrevocable Endowment Agreement Form.
  • Submit the completed Irrevocable Endowment Agreement Form along with a minimum of $100 [check, credit card payment] to the ESA Foundation Registered Agent, at 363 West Drake Road, Fort Collins, CO 80526.  
  • The endowment is fully endowed when the balance in the account reaches $5,000.  
  • All accounts will be maintained with a Restricted Account Principal of $5,000 and all additional monies will be placed in the available account balance.
  • The Endowment Chairman will return a signed Irrevocable Endowment Agreement to you.
  • Continue contributing donations to the Endowment