up your game for ESA

Up Your Game for ESA

Game nights are the perfect invitation for prospective members. They're fun, conversational, and really let the best of ESA friendship shine through. They even work for safe social-distancing or online formats. Host a game night for your chapter and invite some friends who'd make great members to join in. What's safe and allowed varies from place to place during COVID, and it changes periodically, so plan something that works where you are and enjoy getting back to some ESA fun.

Lots of Options are available:
  • Take It Outdoors -- play cornhole or lawn bowling in the yard, or charades, pictionary, or password on the patio or driveway with lawn chairs. Choose a favorite and tweak it for good fun at safe social distance, these and many more work just fine with masks too. Skip the buffet table and serve individually prepared snacks with disposable utensils, a great way to enjoy the nice fall weather and a few laughs.
  • Play it Online -- Zoom game nights are easy and fun, many people are comfortable with this technology, and for those who aren't yet, they may join in from another member's home at safe social distance and share a computer. Everyone avoids a large group gathering and still has a terrific time. Play Scattegories, trivia, charades, pictionary, Bingo or another favorite adapted for this format. Send out a recipe along with the Zoom invitation meeting number, and encourage members to prepare it or bring another treat/beverage of their choice to enjoy during "refreshments time".
  • Click for Online Game Site and App Recommendations from Members --links for Bingo, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Scattegories and more

Take time to talk ESA with guests:

Utilize one of ESA's Membership Host Kits (choose the in-person or online version) for tips and tools for talking about ESA with guests and inviting them to become part of us. 

Visit the recruitment page for more ideas and resources like video links and PowerPoint presentations