Join ESA's Care Connection Map

ESA’s Care Connection is a member-to-member connection tool via online map for the general interest topics of relocation, travel, and recommending friends in other cities to ESA. Any active ESA member (whose individual membership dues are current through ESA HQ) may join the network and have the contact information they supply displayed on ESA’s password protected online map of Care Connection members.

To join complete the form below. ESA headquarters will verify your membership, add your pin to the map, and send you map access.

Already on the Care Connection map but misplaced the password? Contact Kristin Hall

Care Connection Guidelines:

To connect with another Care Connection member, e-mail the other’s address using the subject line “ESA Care Connection” and identify yourself in the body of your e-mail by providing your name and city you use on the map. Then enjoy discussing topics like your relocation plans, an upcoming trip for which you’d like some “insider tips”, or how best to connect your friend in the area with local ESA members.

The Care Connection is a wonderful membership benefit and great way to connect with ESA outside of your own city. Users of the network are required to adhere strictly to the terms of use; misuse of the connection or information contained therein may result in loss of membership in ESA and those involved in misuse may be subject to civil and criminal penalties governing the misuse of online media.
  1. Use your first and last name as it appears in your ESA member record (If you are known by a different nickname, please feel free to provide it in quote marks between your first and last name i.e.  Taylor “Trixie” Johnson).
  2. City and email address are required and appear on the map; age information is optional.
  3. Do not share the map password. Everyone who joins the Care Connection receives via e-mail the URL of the map and the password. You will also receive periodic e-mail updates sent to the email address with which you register when periodic password updates for security purposes are made.
  4. Members may join the Care Connection at any time. Every year in August, all current members will have the opportunity to confirm their desire to be listed for the next year. Members wishing to be removed from the Care Connection roster at any time may request to be removed by contacting Kristin Hall.
  5. You may also update your contact information by contacting Kristin Hall. The password protection functionality requires all edits to be done through the ESA HQ admin function of the map.