The Washington State Council was established in 1934.

We help:
- St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
- Easterseals
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Local charities
-Women's Shelters
- Hat's for the Homeless
- Salvation Army
- Goodwill
- Food Banks
- Wounded Warrior Battalion at Joint Base Lewis-McCord

Among our major events:

- Quilts for Valor
- Support for military families (Monthly)
- Spring state meeting (March)
- T-Shirts for Easterseals (March)

- St. Jude Radiothon (Spring)
- State convention (May)
- Fall state meeting (October)

- Doll Tea for Salvation Army (October)
- Cycle Cross for St. Jude (October)

- St. Jude Give thanks. Walk. (November)
- Wrapping Gifts for Santa Cops (December)

We're especially proud of:
- ESA members dedication and love
- ESA Foundation that provides assistance for continuing education to members and non-members
- Disaster Fund which is available to each member in a time of need.

Our State Website: www.esawashington.org