The Oregon State Council was established in 1946.

We help:
- St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
- Easterseals
- Hope for Heroes
- ESA Disaster Fund
- ESA Foundation
- Scholarships

Among our major events:
- St. Jude Radiothons
- Part with a Purpose
- State convention (April)
- Fall leadership meeting (August/September)
- Thanks and Giving Event in Portland (November)
- Winter meeting (January/February)

We're especially proud of:
- That Oregon State Council has members serving on the Western States Council Board, the International Council Board and the ESA Foundation Board
- That we are involved in all of the philanthropic emphases of ESA
- That Oregon is such a welcoming state for new members and members transferring into the state.

Our State Website: www.ESAoregon.org