Western States Council

The Western States Council was established in 1984.

Member states:
Alaska, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington

We help:

Western State Regional Council started a Helping Hands Scholarship Walk in 1998 held during our Fling, to help an ESA member in the regional council to gain training for improving their life.  This has expanded to include immediate family members. The last two years we have been able to give four scholarships to members and their family. Also we have raised enough money to start an additional scholarship for the ESA Foundation.

Among our major events:
- Western States Fling (Fall)
- IC Convention (Summer)

We're especially proud of:
- $20,000 given in scholarships
- $10,000 given to the ESA Foundation for the Helping Hands Scholarship
- 17 Western States Fings completed, with 28 people in attendance at the first and the largest attendance being 118 members