Planned Giving

Planned Giving

You have an opportunity to support the activities and projects of the Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation by including the ESA Foundation in your planned giving.  Planned giving is a great way for you to benefit charitable causes while you still leave sufficient funds for your loved ones.   Whether you donate through your will, a trust, investments, property, life insurance, retirement plans, or more, planned giving is an opportunity to provide for your loved ones, fulfill your charitable goals, plus save money on taxes.  If you wish to proceed with a gift, or you have any questions, the ESA Foundation has help available for you.  Please contact Kristin Hall at ESA Headquarters, or the ESA Foundation’s Registered Agent, Doug Mills

What do you need to know?

The most important things you need to know about planned giving are the options available to you and the benefits of each.  While all methods are excellent opportunities to give to the ESA Foundation and receive tax benefits, certain venues can fit your circumstances better than others.

It is highly recommended that all individuals prepare a will, regardless of background or size of estate.  The construction of a will can have significant impact on donating and passing funds to your loved ones, as well as on taxation.  A will is the best place for the inclusion of any information about your wishes concerning your planned giving and the distribution of your estate.

Charitable gifts can be made directly through payments or your will; however, many other options are available to you.  If any of the following gift planning options is of interest to you, we highly recommend that you discuss them with your tax consultant or professional advisors.

What are your options?

Bequests by Will
are the most popular means of gift planning.  You can reduce estate taxes by designating a certain amount or a certain percentage of your estate to the ESA Foundation.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds that have appreciated in value and are owned for more than one year can result in triple tax savings through state and federal income tax opportunities and can bypass capital gains taxes.

Gifts of Real Estate offer a double tax savings.  The donor receives a charitable income tax deduction for full market value and will avoid capital gains tax.

Retirement Plan Assets such as pensions, profit sharing plans or IRAs are subject to more than just estate taxes at the time of your death.  A double taxation for you and your heirs can be avoided with a charitable gift of retirement assets.

Charitable Remainder Trusts will allow the donor to retain income interest and give the remainder to charity.   You will receive a charitable income tax deduction and avoid capital gains and estate taxes, while the trust accumulates, tax-free, to benefit the ESA Foundation.

Charitable Gift Annuities provide a lasting income plan.  Through this plan, assets are transferred to the ESA Foundation with the agreement that a fixed rate of return will be paid to named beneficiaries for life.

Charitable Lead Trusts offer a tax-efficient way to transfer wealth and property from one generation to the next while making a significant charitable contribution.  These trusts provide the ESA Foundation with an income stream for a period of years and then pass underlying assets on to beneficiaries.

Life Insurance policies that are paid up may result in significant tax savings.  If you name the ESA Foundation as the beneficiary and owner of the policy, future premium payments may be tax deductible.  The ESA Foundation may also be named as a partial or secondary beneficiary.

No matter what the size of your gift or estate, any donation you can make will make a significant impact on the world community.  Remember:

    Annual gifts can change lives today.
    Planned gifts can change lives forever.

(The ESA Foundation does not provide tax advice.  Don’t forget to always consult your tax advisor.)